Here are the basics about Genetically Engineered Crops.
This concerns us all.

GE Genetically Engineered Crops
GM Genetically Modified Crops
GMO's Genetically Modified Organisms
GE, GM, GMO's & Transgenic Crops all mean the same thing.
Go here for the basics.
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GM Contamination Register

Click here for a short explanation.

Evidence in 2 documentaries to prove that GM Food is Dangerous and/or those pushing GM are Criminals

A MUST see 12 minute documentary

Secret Ingredients - trailer

Seeds Of Death - Full Movie

A warning for Africa
A warning for Africa

 PDF version for printing.

Evidence to prove that GM is dangerous.
And those that are pushing this lie, are criminals or just ignorant.
1 - What are the benefits of GM

Main story, a story to knock your socks off.
2 - To narrow a gene pool is dangerous

What happens if we narrow a gene pool?  Understand the implications for our food supply if we take this path.
3 - Have we been Genetically Modifying Crops for 1000's of years

There is a myth that we have been genetically engineering plants for 1000's of years, read the simple truth here.
4 - Golden Rice

The nonsense concerning Golden Rice to prevent blindness in children.
5 - The CON tricks they use to try and get us to eat GM Food

We are being conned by these drug companies (criminals) into eating their test products.
6 - Watch the NEWS

Watch the News and learn about the new world order and how they are controlling your food.
Plant breeding breakthrough in the US

Plants can now be bred in about half the time compared to traditional selective breeding or breeding using GM.
The Wonders of Genetically Manipulated Food

A more indepth look at the ramifications of GM for our planet.
Allergy Report

GM and Allergies - Body of Evidence.
Meet some of the criminals and what they have done in different countries.

Monsanto found guilty in France

Contamination in Mexico

GM crop failures in China

Suicides in India because of Monsanto's GM cotton

Monsanto found guilty of lying in South Africa

The latest on GM Food that you must know about.
See what Doctors from the US and Australia are saying concerning the dangers to Health with GM food.  But some people donít care what happens to our children down the track, as long as they themselves are comfortable now.

Doctors for the Environment - Home

Doctors for the Environment - GM Issue
 The wonders of GM (PDF).

Please send a copy of this to the President of the Australian Medical Association and to your Local Member of Parliament.  Ask them what they are doing about this dangerous issue.
 Open letter to the PM (PDF).
 Short flyer (PDF).

 Alergy report (PDF).

Why the Irresponsible Silence about GM Food?
Genetically Manipulated (GM) Food is still TOO dangerous.

What price a scientistís ego?  Is it the price of a childís asthma?
Read more here...
What you can do -
Please pass a copy of this on to your local member, the media and the President of the Australian Medical Association (AMA).
 PDF version for printing.

Why Australia must become a Seed Bank for the World.

Save Our Gene Pools & Avoid The Allergies

This is an open letter to Mr Rudd.
Would someone please make sure that he gets a copy ASAP.


INT - Parents and Teachers
GM Food concerns us all (What you can do NOW)
INT - Ethics of GM
(Send a copy of this 'Ethics of GM' article or PDF to your friends and a politician and then read the book below)
INT - The new CON TRICK to try and get us to eat GM Food

Genetic Roulette - The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods
Distributed by Denis Jones & Associates

What you can do!
The Essentials (PDF Kit) for understanding GM and its impact on Australia You can make a difference and help keep Australia GM-free!!

Please write a letter to your Premier and the Department of Primary Industry (DPI).  Remind them of the premiums of up to A$120/tonne for GM-free canola abroad (ABARE, 2007).

Also, please note that many Countries are now refusing GM Produce, however no Country has ever refused GM Free Produce. Possible due to the increase in allergies from Genetically Engineered Foods.

Write to your Premier and/or the Department Of Primary Industry.

Click here for Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Address -->

Click here for Victorian Address -->

Click here for New South Wales Address -->

Click here for South Australia Address -->

Click here for Tasmania Address -->

EXT -  Politician?s Addresses and phone numbers.
     (For: - Federal and State Governments)

The Australian Situation.
EXT - Mothers Against Genetic Engineering (MAdGE).
EXT - The Network of Concerned Farmers.
EXT - Australia?s Gene Ethics Network.
EXT - Biological Farmers of Australia.

Common Myths About GM
Have you heard any of these erroneous assertions?
INT - GM Crops to feed a Starving World - (Rice Is Life).
EXT - We will need fewer chemicals with GM crops.
INT - Golden Rice to Prevent Blindness in Children.
INT - Have we been Genetically Engineering Crops for 1000's of years?
INT - Our Gene Pools are Expanding!  But that suggestion is a dangerous myth.

Why are employees gagged at the Department of Primary Industry (DPI)?
INT - What is there to hide?

Facts about our Crops and Giant Chemical Companies.
EXT - See what the National Farmers Union of Canada has to say.
EXT - Monsanto Assault on US Farmers ? Detailed Report.
EXT - See what Monsanto did to one US farming family.
INT - Vavilov Centres Under Attack & Vavilov - Noah?s Ark.
EXT - Horror Seed Story in Iraq.

Greenpeace - 5 well researched pages on GM.
EXT - Food.
EXT - Feeding the world - facts versus fiction.
EXT - GE agriculture and genetic pollution.
EXT - Biosafety protocol.
EXT - Failings of GE.

Safety of GM food
EXT - Is GM Food Safe?
INT - GM Labelling
EXT - True Food Guides, for Non GM Foods - Australia
EXT - True Food Guides, for Non GM Foods - New Zealand
EXT - Food Recalls and Alerts - Anaphylaxis Australia (severe allergic reaction)

What the Animals think about GM Food.
INT - What the Animals think about GM Food.
If the animals can immediately tell the difference between GM and Non-GM and refuse to eat GM when they have a choice, then should we be eating GM?

You're Eating WHAT?

If you thought GM Food was safe for human or animal consumption then you should listen to this freely distributable Audio presentation by Jeffrey M. Smith

Please copy and distribute this Audio to your friends, family and local Member of Parliament.

You're Eating WHAT? STOP Eating GE Foods! (10.6 MB MP3)
Learn how dangerous GM Food really is by reading: -
  • Monsanto Whistleblower
  • Allergy Newsletter (Part One and Two)

Monsanto's Plan to Patent the World's Farm Animals
Did you know our valuable farm animals are going to be patented and owned by drug companies?  These madmen can be stopped with your help.

Read these stories and watch this movie and you will realise that Monsanto are biological and agricultural terrorists. Any politician, scientist or journalist that supports them is an accomplice; learn the facts and make up your own mind.

The patenting of lifeforms is an abomination in anyone's language!

The Frightening Facts.

Feral roadside Canola outside Geelong...

The patented DNA that is owned by Bayer is carried in pollen and is multiplying faster than the Cane Toad by jumping from field to field in the wind and via our roads.  It could take up to 16 years to decontaminate Australia if we stop this nonsense now.

There are many countries that are rejecting GM produce but there is not one country in the world that rejects non-GM produce.

What?s the rush?  We will always have time to go down the path of the chemical companies; so why the hurry to contaminate our country with privately owned DNA?  To hand the control of a Nation?s food to a foreign power would have to be treason.

Shouldn't Farmers Federations be working for our farmers?
INT - The bizarre logic of Paul Weller & Peter Corish of the Farmers Federations

The Terminator Gene is owned by Monsanto and Syngenta
Rumour has it that these dangerous idiots intend to release the Terminator into our world
When the plant is mature the seeds are designed to die.
What sort of a person would design such a seed?

Monsanto's master plan expressed to Arthur Anderson Consulting Group in 1999 was to ensure 100% of all the world's commercial seeds would be genetically modified and patented.

Seeds of Deception - A must read for all.

 - Campagna per la Sicurezza Alimentare

Organic, Biodynamic and Permaculture Farming and non GM seed suppliers.
INT - Related sites links page

Politicians Addresses.
Please help by contacting or visiting your local politician, tell him/her what you think.
Politicians love to receive visits and short letters from you.
EXT - Politician?s Addresses and phone numbers.
     (For: - Federal and State Governments)
Ten letters to a politician of no more than 30 to 50 words can be much more valuable than collecting 1000?s of signatures.  Your letters count because they are counted, and ten letters are seen as over a 1000 votes.

Politicians are actually busy people so never write long letters and only ever write about one issue per letter.  Letters should be polite, short, sweet and to the point.

Ask for a reply and when you get an answer that is nonsense send it straight back and ask them to address the issue and not send you another standard letter that had nothing to do with what you were writing about.
Remind them that you and your friends want to know who is worth voting for.

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